Tensology has attended Liftex-2018

The company Tensology, being exclusive Intron' agent in UK, has attended Liftex-2018 to market magnetic rope testing (MRT) instrument INTROS. The interest to MRT is growing up after the latest version of ISO 4309 has been published in October 2017. Number of customers from UK and other countries have visited the Tensology booth.


Guidance on examination of steel wire rope through magnetic rope testing (MRT)

The international Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published the new version of the Guidance on examination of steel wire rope through magnetic rope testing (MRT). The extensive document revision includes how MRT works, parameters of MRT, rejection criteria, MRT trace reports, operator levels of competence and training. 


Inspection of flare stack guy ropes in Kuwait

INTRON PLUS has successfully completed a flare stack guy rope inspection for Advanced Technical Service Company W.S.S. at Equate Plant in Kuwait. The inspection was carried out for the OLK-F-2004 stack, with two tiers of three guy wires each, all 41 mm in diameter. INTRON PLUS utilized the MRT instrument INTROS MH20-40 and the mechanized Climber unit to perform the task remotely with the flare in operation.


Commissioning of the INTROS-AUTO wire rope monitoring system

INTRON PLUS has successfully installed and commissioned the INTROS-AUTO wire rope monitoring system on the drill line of JSC "NSH Asia drilling" rig on the Ety-Purovskoye field in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district North-western Siberia.


Magnetic rope testing of bridge cables in Surgut

In June 2018 INTRON PLUS has inspected 111 cables 72 mm in diameter of Yugorskij bridge over the Ob' river in the city of Surgut, Russia. The magnetic head MH 60-85 with fastened basic unit were used during inspection.


New agent in India

INTRON PLUS has appointed Arora Technologies (P) Limited as a new agent in India. Arora Technologies has exclusive right to market and sale rope tester INTROS and automated instrument INTROS-AUTO, as well as tank floor scanner INTROCOR, in India.


Becot promotes magnetic rope testing in China

The 9th Technical Conference on Mining Hosting System has been held on July 2-6 in Luoyang, Henan province, China. Luoyang Becot Group hosted 184 participants of the conference for the whole day for presentation and demonstration of magnetic wire rope tester INTROS at their premises. All the participants expressed their positive feedback following the presentation and demonstration.



ISO 9001:2015 certification

INTRON PLUS has successfully passed re-certification of the management system according to requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


ECNDT-2018 in Göteborg

INTRON PLUS has attended the exhibition and the conference during ECNDT-2018 in Göteborg, Sweden. Three presentations were made during the event. We were pleased to meet our friends from the NDT community at our booth.


Vertikal Days

Vertikal Days, the largest lifting equipment event for the UK and Ireland, has been held this year in May at Donington Park in Leicestershire. Tensology has exhibited the equipment for MRT. The newest wire rope tester INTROS with MH6-26 and BU-M is ideal instrument to perform crane rope inspection.


23rd International Offshore Cranes and Lifting Conference and Exhibition

INTRON PLUS in cooperation with Tensology has attended the 23rd International Offshore Cranes and Lifting Conference and Exhibition 24th-26th April 2018 in Aberdeen, UK. The wire rope tester Intros, including upgraded version MH6-26 with BU-M have been introduced to the visitors.


The latest issue of the HOIST magazine recommends our products

INTRON PLUS is listed as a global supplier of equipment and services for magnetic rope testing (MRT) in the March 2018 issue of the HOIST magazine. Our products suite all customers needs in regard to MRT according to ISO 4309:2017.


Presentation at Liftex-2017

Presentation Crane Rope Inspection and Discard - Magnetic Rope Testing at Liftex-2017 is now available.



Lift & Hoist International explore results of the Liftex-2017 and underline Important role of magnetic rope testing.


INTRON PLUS and Tensology attended Liftex-2017

Tensology in cooperation with INTRON PLUS attended Liftex-2017 in Telford, UK. Barrie Mordue of Tensology has made a presentation “Crane rope inspection and discard: Magnetic rope testing”. This presentation concurred with publication of the newly revised ISO 4309:2017 Cranes -- Wire ropes -- Care and maintenance, inspection and discard, which reveals advantage of MRT of crane ropes and clarifies discard criteria and requirements for the relevant equipment and personnel. During the exhibition Tensology, as INTRON PLUS exclusive agent in UK, displayed  equipment Intros for MRT, which they market, maintain, repair and verify for our overseas customers.


Meet new revision of ISO 4309:2017

The new revision of ISO 4309:2017 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 96, Cranes, Subcommittee SC 3, Ropes.
This fifth edition cancels and replaces the fourth edition ISO 4309:2010, which has been technically revised and contains the following changes:
- magnetic rope test (MRT) methodology and discard criteria are introduced, as an aid to the internal inspection of wire ropes;
- guidance is given on when to use magnetic rope testing and how to combine its results with other inspection results;
- an example of an MRT report is provided.
INTRON PLUS is global supplier of equipment for MRT, which complies with requirements of ISO 4309:2017.


APCNDT-2017 & ADIPEC 2017

This year APCNDT-2017 and ADIPEC-2017 have been held same week in Singapore and in Abu Dhabi correspondingly. Our agents MicroTech in Singapore and MSPEC in Abu Dhabi displayed our equipment Intros and technology of its application for magnetic rope testing.


Our equipment for magnetic rope testing has been displayed at China Coal & Mining Expo 2017

Company Luoyang Becot Scientific Development Co., Ltd., our exclusive agent in China, introduced equipment and technology for magnetic rope testing (MRT) during 17th International China Coal & Mining Expo 2017 in Beijing.  Number of visitors have visited the booth, where all sizes of our equipment for MRT have been displayed. The working model of hoisting machine was showing the MRT equipment operation and data interpretation.


INTRON PLUS to boost marketing efforts in China

INTRON PLUS has engaged Luoyang Becot Scientific Development Co., Ltd. as its exclusive agent in China for marketing equipment and inspection services for non-destructive inspection of steel wire ropes, steel-cord conveyor belts, and above ground tank floor.


Offshore Cranes and Lifting Conference & Exhibition

The 22nd International Offshore Cranes and Lifting Conference & Exhibition has been held in Stavanger, Norway in April.
INTRON PLUS displayed wire rope magnetic tester Intros. Wire Tech AS from Stavanger joined our booth with wire rope lubrication systems.


INTRON PLUS to attend OIPEEC conference

On 4th-6th April OIPEEC has carried the conference in La Rochelle, France. During this conference INTRON PLUS has presented the paper "Automated magnetic rope condition monitoring: concept and practical experience".
This paper describes company' experience with wire rope monitoring. At the moment INTRON PLUS is capable to produce wire rope inspection system, which does not require human intervention into inspection and data interpretation.


Successful demonstration at Saudi Aramco premises

This March INTRON PLUS has successfully demonstrated equipment for Saudi Aramco, KSA, in Hawiayh NGL Facility. Our technicians have arranged presentation on the magnetic rope testing technology for senior management of Saudi Aramco and carried inspection of guy ropes of flare stack for demonstration purposes. Saudi Aramco senior management was excited with features of our equipment and inspection technology, and has much appreciated the presentation and demonstration. Technology Management Division of Saudi Aramco is considering further cooperation with INTRON PLUS.


Workshop in Abu Dhabi

On March 26 INTRON PLUS has carried 1 day workshop "Non-destructive Testing of Steel Wire Ropes in Oil and Gas Industry" in Abu Dhabi.
The workshop was hosted by the company MSPEC and gathered people from inspection companies. During presentation and following demonstration of equipment attendees received answers on their specific questions.
MSPEC is considering as strategic partner of INTRON PLUS in UAE and neighboring countries.


First ASNT Symposium in Abu Dhabi

The First ASNT Symposium "Advanced Non-Conventional Nondestructive Testing Technologies" was carried in Abu Dhabi, UAE on March 25. INTRON PLUS attended this Symposium with presentation  "Magnetic Wire Rope Testing and Condition Monitoring". In cooperation with company MSPEC we have demonstrated wire rope tester Intros during 1 day exhibition.


MRT workshop in China

On February 15 INTRON PLUS in cooperation with  Luoyang Becot Scientific Development Co., Ltd  carried workshop for magnetic rope testing in Huainan, Anhui province, China, for local mining companies. More than 30 managers from coal industry have attended the workshop.


Materials Evaluation appreciates our contribution

Materials Evaluation appreciates contribution of INTRON PLUS' president Professor Vasily Sukhorukov.


New article to appear in ME

Materaials Evaluation to announce approach of INTRON PLUS to metrology issues in regard to NDT. Click here to review.


Liftek to commend INTROS

Liftek as  a leading inspection company in the Middle East operate INTROS to inspect wire ropes onshore and offshore, and qualifies the instrument as rugged and reliable for the most applications.


INTRON PLUS explore Indian market

INTRON PLUS in cooperation with the company Lakhotia India attended the IMME-2016 in Kolkata, India. Lakhotia India is a leading supplier of conveyor belts for different industries in India and now focusing on marketing steel cord conveyor belt instrument INTROCON. Almost 200 visitors came to the booth during the exhibition for demonstration of the equipment.


Non-destructive inspection of overhead transmission lines

INTRON PLUS to non-destructively inspect conductors of overhead transmission lines. See details here.


19th International Conference in Slovakia

INTRON PLUS has made presentation on wire rope monitoring during 19th international conference "Production and Use of Steel Ropes, Conveyors and Lifting Equipment" which took place on September 20-23 in Slovakia.



INTRON PLUS as the company involved into development of wire rope monitoring system has joined ISCM. Next year we will attend the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring.


One of the biggest offshore exhibition ONS 2016

One of the biggest offshore exhibition ONS 2016 was opened today in Stavanger, Norway.  INTRON PLUS is represented at this exhibition by our partner Wiretech.


Training in Brazil

In July INTRON PLUS carried training of the customer to operate wire rope tester INTROS comprising new basic unit and MH 100-175 - the first instrument in the world to inspect ropes up to 175 mm in diameter.


Exporter of the year 2016

INTRON PLUS are proud to announce that they have been recognized as one of the top 50 exporters of Hi-Tech products by the Russian Federation.


Intron Plus in cooperation with local agencies has carried technical workshops

INTRON PLUS in cooperation with local agencies has carried technical workshops in Vietnam, Ho Chi Ming City and in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The topics for each workshop were tank floor scanner INTROCOR M-150 and upgraded wire rope tester INTROS. After presentations the attendees of workshops could try equipment and ask questions.


MH 100-175

INTRON PLUS has delivered to the customer the equipment  INTROS with magnetic head MH 100-175 for NDT of wire ropes with diameter up to 175 mm. This equipment is the first in the world for inspection of so large ropes.


Offshore Crane & Lifting Conference in Aberdeen

INTRON PLUS has attended Offshore Crane & Lifting Conference in Aberdeen. This year company Tensology has joined our booth. Tensology has been introduced as INTRON PLUS' authorized agent in UK for sales of equipment and after sales service and customer support.


Tensology - new agent in the UK

From 1-st April 2016 INTRON PLUS has appointed Tensology as its UK agent for sales of INTROS - equipment for MRT, and customer support. Customer support includes equipment verification and repair, consulting and training. Tensology personnel has been trained by INTRON PLUS for operation, verification, repair of wire rope flaw detector INTROS and has sufficient knowledge and experience to satisfy customers need. First jobs have already been done for our customers by Tensology at their premises in Doncaster.