General Information

INTROS-AUTO designed for non-destructive inspection of steel wire ropes with automatic data interpretation. Results of automatic data interpretation display in “traffic light” mode. Green light informs the operator the opportunity to continue rope operation; yellow light warns against certain level of rope deterioration – both LMA and LF, and is adjustable; red light alerts that rope may no longer be used. Following criteria used to analyze actual condition of rope – number of broken wires within certain rope length, loss of metallic cross section area in percentage, and speed of rope degradation. All inspection data are available at any time for manual interpretation by inspector. The instrument is currently successfully operated at on-shore drilling rigs, it can be also used for variety offshore and onshore installation. INTROS-AUTO can be connected to external computer for continuous wire rope monitoring.

INTROS-AUTO consists of  magnetic heads and control and display unit mutually connected with cable up to 80 m in the length. The software (Wintros-Auto, Intros-Auto Monitor) is delivered with the INTROS-AUTO.

Technical specification

Principle of operation Magnetic Flux Leakage   Ambient temperature From -40 to +50°C
Sensors Hall effect, coils   Power supply DC 12 V
Inspection speed From 0.2 to 7 m/s   Ingress protection IP66 (magnetic head), IP65 (control and display unit)