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INTRON PLUS has developed the new basic unit and magnetic head MH 6-26, get your leaflet here. The new INTROS is now available.
INTRON' agent in Korea company Honglim has recently carried workshop on non-destructive testing of wire ropes by mean of magnetic rope tester INTROS. About 30 inspectors from KETI (Korea Elevator Technology Institute) have attended this workshop, which included theoretical and practical aspects of magnetic rope testing.
INTRON PLUS will attend NDT exhibition in USA, Malaysia, India. Welcome to visit us during these events.
INTRON PLUS has completed the offshore job in West Africa. Several steel wire ropes on vessel have been non-detsructively inspected on deep water with wire rope tester INTROS.
XIV conference «Manufacture and operation of steel wire ropes – problems and solutions» organized by MAISK – international steel wire ropes association - has been carried in the city of Odessa, Ukraine 2nd-4th June 2015 and attracted 41 specialists from Ukraine and Russia. INTRON PLUS introduced presentation about company' experience with wire rope condition monitoring. Two workshops were organized last day of the conference and were dedicated to mining ropes operations in Ukraine and acceptance of European norms for wire rope manufacturers in the country. Participants of the conference have visited Odessa Stalkanat plant.
MAISK is looking forward to carry next conference in Odessa early June 2016 and kindly invite all interested individuals and organization to join the conference. For any information please contact Nadia Barteneva from organizing committee:
INTRON PLUS has attended IMCA wire rope workshop on Continuous Rope Monitoring Systems that took place on 14th May 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our company’ presentation was titled as “Conception and Experience of INTRON PLUS in Monitoring Wire Ropes”. The next wire rope workshop will be carried in February 2016.
INTRON PLUS takes part in the NDT Kazakhstan 2015 Conference and Exhibition for Non-destructive testing in Astana on April 7-9. The exhibition and conference gather number of NDT companies from different countries.
INTRON PLUS as a member of OIPEEC has attended 2015 OIPEEC conference "CHALLENGING ROPE APPLICATIONS" in Stuttgart on March 24-26.
Wire rope tester INTROS has been exhibited during Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference in Perth, Australia by EN DE TEK Australia (former Krautkramer Australia) - exclusive agent of INTRON PLUS.
INTRON PLUS has completed job in Qatar for non-destructive inspection of flare stack guy ropes. Totally 12 guy ropes were inspected with wire rope tester INTROS, moved along the ropes with climber.
Have a look at newly developed system INTROS-AUTO designed for MRT with automatic data interpretation.

INTRON PLUS has successfully passed annual audit of management system provided by Bureau Veritas according to ISO 2001:2008.
INTRON PLUS has attended 11-th European Conference and Exhibition for Non-destructive testing in Prague on October 6-10. The exhibition gathered number of NDT companies from different countries.
INTRON PLUS has introduced newly developed products:
- INTROS-AUTO- instrument for wire rope inspection with automatic data interpretation;
- Steel plate MFL scanner INTROCOR;
- Upgraded wire rope tester INTROS;
- MFL PIG for pipelines.
On October 2-3 INTRON PLUS has carried workshop “New developments for non-destructive testing” for its agents from seven Asian countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, Thailand, South Korea, and Turkey. Totally 20 persons attended the workshop, that was carried at NDT laboratory of INTRON PLUS. The workshop included presentations and demonstrations of following products: upgraded wire rope tester INTROS, steel cord conveyor belt inspection instrument INTROCON, tank floor scanner INTROCOR, and pipeline inspection equipment EasyPig.  Our guests were also enjoying sightseeing tour around Moscow, and continued their trip to Prague to attend ECNDT-2014.
INTRON PLUS in association with official agent in Japan Pony Industry attended exhibition JIMA-2014 in Tokyo.
INTRON PLUS has successively completed job in UAE for magnetic ropes testing.  Totally sixty guy ropes of seven flare stacks in operation were inspected with use of wire rope tester INTROS and climber.
INTRON PLUS together with companies GEIT, Magnaflux, and Sentinel has attended technical seminar "Smart NDT investigation in smart working environment" in Jakarta with presentation. The seminar was arranged by our agent in Indonesia company Pratita Prama Nugraha, and was dedicated to opening new office in Jakarta.
INTRON PLUS Ltd. and Pony Industry Co., Ltd. signed agreement for agency in Japan. Pony Industry will promote and sell products produced by INTRON PLUS starting from January 1, 2014.
In January 2014 INTRON PLUS has provided training for our Chinese agent company EPC. Two employees have been trained to operate rope tester INTROS and tank floor scanner INTROCOR.

Asia-Pacific Conference on non-destructive testing (APCNDT) 2013 has took place in Mumbai, India on November 18-22. Our Indian agent company NDTS has exhibited wire rope inspection equipment INTROS at the booth during the exhibition. INTRON PLUS and NDTS have presented paper "Non-destructive inspection of wire ropes is wise mean to provide safety and cost savings". The next APCNDT will take place in 2017 in Singapore.
In collaboration with the company Pony Industry Co. Ltd. INTRON PLUS attended Tokyo International Industry Exhibition. Both companies are negotiating representation in Japan effecting 2014.
During the China Coal & Mining Expo 2013 in Beijing INTRON PLUS' partner company Luoyang Becot has presented the system for inspection of 4 ropes mining hoist. This system is based on using wire rope tester INTROS. Luoyang Becot and INTRON PLUS agreed to continue cooperation in 2014.
President of INTRON PLUS Prof. Vasily Sukhorukov has attended the 12-th International Conference of the Slovenian Society for Non-Destructive Testing with the presentation MFL Technology for Diagnostics and Prediction of Object Condition.
INTRON PLUS has attended IMCA Offshore Rope workshop in Amsterdam. Last workshop in January 2013 was dedicated to different aspects of NDT of offshore wire ropes. Next workshop is scheduled for February 2014.
INTRON PLUS is attending OTC in Houston TX in cooperation with Bridon International. Visit the booth 2241A.

Please contact the company NDTS India (P) Limited:
619 & 620 The Great Eastern Galleria, Plot No. 20, Sector 4, Nerul, Navi Mumbai - 400 706, India
Mr. Mukesh Arora
Tel.: + 91-22-6138-0600, 2770-3913, 2770-3923, 2772-9077
Cell: + 91-93217 30516
Fax:  + 91-22-2770 3903
Newly designed electromagnetic instrument for inspection of bridge cables with parallel strands has been successfully tested at the cable bridge in S.Petersburg. The instrument is intended to inspect cables with diameter up to 300 mm, measuring loss of cross-section area with accuracy 1% and detection each individual broken strand.
INTRON PLUS took part as an exhibitor in the 17-th North Sea Offshore Cranes and Lifting Conference in Aberdeen, UK. This is the 3-rd time the company attends the event arranged alternate in Aberdeen, UK and Stavanger, Norway.
INTRON PLUS in association with the company H.ROLOFF (PTY) LIMITED ( attended the WCNDT-2012 exhibition in Durban, South Africa. INTRON PLUS attending World and European NDT exhibitions starting from the year 2000.
On February 15, 2012 INTRON PLUS with support of Office of Bridge Technology held the workshop on Nondestructive Inspection of Suspension and Stay Cables at Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC, USA. The workshop was accompanied with demonstration of equipment for nondestructive testing of ropes, and included discussions, questions and answers.

In October 2011 INTRON PLUS has successfully carried nondestructive inspection of 3 km long fjord crossing conductor installed at overhead transmission. This job was done with rope tester INTROS.
INTRON PLUS in cooperation with Opten Ltd. has successfully carried nondestructive inspection of conductors of overhead transmission lines in Mozambique. This job has been completed in September 2011.
During August 23-25 group of technicians from different subsidiaries of Rolls Royce Naval Marine Inc. (USA) has been trained at our company’ laboratory for wire rope non-destructive testing with rope tester Intros.
INTRON PLUS presented wire rope inspection equipment through agent in Malaysia XSPEC TECHNOLOGY during the 13th Asian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia, 1-3 June 2011.
The group of representatives of Chinese mining industry has visited INTRON PLUS on August 10. The topic of discussions was non-destructive testing of mining ropes as important mean to provide safety. INTRON PLUS has made presentation of the company and its product - wire rope tester Intros. This visit was organized with support of our Chinese partner company Becot.

Krautkramer Australia Pty Ltd. has been recently appointed as exclusive agent for INTRON PLUS in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.
INTRON PLUS has recently joined International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).
In July 2010 INTRON PLUS has completed non-destructive inspection of suspended ropes installed at Yongjong Grand Bridge in Seoul, South Korea. This inspection has been carried with rope tester INTROS including magnetic head MH 60-85.
We are pleased to inform that Micro-Tech Supplies & Services Pte Ltd. is appointed as our agent in Singapore.
In June 4 Jorge Amsler, the Chief Executive Officer of CAEFE SA, president of NDT society of Argentina, who arrived Moscow to attend ECNDT 2010, has visited our office for discussions. CAEFE is Intron’s agent in Argentina from 2009. During meeting in Moscow INTRON PLUS and CAEFE reached agreements for stronger cooperation in promotion and maintenance of products sold in Argentina. Jorge Amsler presented INTRON’s president Vasily Sukhorukov the map of Argentina with INTRON PLUS logo on it.
Intron’s agents and business partners from Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, have visited our office June 9 during their trip for ECNDT 2010. They were shown company laboratories and newly released products. There was arranged presentation of quests and technical meeting on INTRON’s products and experience. Our guests were enjoying Moscow bus tour and traditional food.
INTRON BRASIL has recently joined Brazilian Society for Non-Destructive Testing - ABENDI.
INTRON PLUS participates in the 10-th European Conference and Exhibition on Non-Destructive Testing in Moscow on June 7-10. We kindly invite you to visit our booth E11 in the Hall 3.
INTRON PLUS has attended the 15-th North Sea Offshore Cranes & Lifting Conference and Exhibition in Aberdeen, UK, 27-29 April 2010. This conference gathered 198 specialists from UK, Norway, Holland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Poland, other countries. 26 companies, including Liebherr, Bridon, Lloyd’s Register, Teufelberger, took part in the exhibition. Many specialists related to offshore oil & gas industry have visited our booth being interested in NDT of wire ropes. Our company has presented the paper "Wire ropes NDT discard criteria based on lifetime prediction model". Participation in this event was very important in order to present our equipment and services.
INTRON BRASIL has successfully passed certification of Quality Management System under ISO 9001-2008.
INTRON PLUS has implemented a Quality Management System which complies to the International ISO 9001:2008 standard. Re-certification has been recently approved by Bureau Veritas Certification in the following fields: a) Development and supplying of instruments for non-destructive testing and b) Industrial inspection and technical diagnostics with non-destructive testing.

INTRON PLUS made presentation on importance of NDT of ropes and conveyor belts during technical seminar in Jakarta on December 8. The seminar "Enhancing Your Performance Through New Innovations in NDT" was organized by local agent Pratita for the products of GEIT, MAGNAFLUX, and INTRON PLUS.
INTRON PLUS in cooperation with Chinese agent EPC took part in Bridge Summit in Shanghai on December 2-4. Julia Zhang, EPC Branch Manager made presentation on bridge condition monitoring including non-destructive inspection of suspended ropes with rope tester INTROS.
INTRON PLUS has participated in the ASNT fall exhibition in Columbus Ohio and has been visited by over 50 potential customers. We much appreciate Mr. Terry Zakotnik (Above & Beyond, Inc.) for his kind support during the exhibition. Mr. Giuseppe Nardoni, President of I&T Nardoni Institute has placed the order for rope testing equipment during the exhibition.
INTRON PLUS has successfully completed inspection of suspension ropes of bridge over the river Ob located nearby Surgut city (west Siberia). Totally non-destructively inspected 130 ropes of 72 mm diameter.
We are pleased to announce, that Caefe Ndt is our new exclusive dealer in Argentina.
We invite to visit our stand 708 at ASNT Fall Conference and Exhibition in Columbus OH.
In September 2009 INTRON BRASIL has successively completed inspection of ropes at ropeway Pão de Açúcar in Rio-de-Janeiro.
INTRON PLUS has attended the exhibition “Offshore Europe 2009” in Aberdeen. During the exhibition IMCA presented new document Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) by means of Magnetic Rope Testing.
INTRON PLUS has successfully presented its products during the NDT exhibition in Moscow hold in March 18-20.
INTRON PLUS has joint ASNT as a corporate member.
Being a member of OIPEEC INTRON PLUS took part at OIPEEC 2009 conference in Stuttgart jointly organized with 3rd International Stuttgart Ropeday by Stuttgart University.
The subsidiary INTRON BRASIL has been recently registered in Brazil. The subsidiary will concentrate on NDT services and maintenance of delivered products in South America. For more information please contact Mr. Igor Kozyrev at
New agent appointed in Vietnam. The Quochuy company Ltd. is appointed as our exclusive agent in Vietnam.

The Tank shells inspection equipment INTROCOR M-150 was successfully showed at the 7th International exhibition and Conference Non - Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics, NDT Russia 2008.
Our new address is following: 11 Elektrodnaja str., Moscow, Russia, 111524.
Almatec Co., Ltd is our new dealer in Taiwan for non-exclusive sells of our products excluding ITM-52.
In December 20th - 25th the NDT laboratory has inspected the ropes of deck-mounted crane at offshore platform Piltun-Astokhskoye-A (Molikpaq) and Lunskoye-A (LUN-A) of Sakhalin Energy Investment Company.

The Company Sofles Engenheria Ltd. has been appointed as Brazilian dealer for our products.
The 4th PANNDT conference and exhibition took place October 22-26, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Non-exclusive agency agreement signed with GT Italia di Pietro Cucciati, Italy for ITM-52 product.
New model of magnetic head MH 24-64M2 with higher LF sensitivity has been developed and delivered to customers.
New model of basic unit INTROS has been developed. Now it is equipped with USB downloading capabilities as well has some other improvements. By the end of 2007 the customer may choose between RS-232 and USB versions.
Honglim Co. Ltd. started as our non-exclusive agent in Korea for INTROS product.
New agent in Taiwan has been appointed recently. Vector Enterprise Co. exclusively sells ITM-52 product.
INTRON PLUS Ltd. received Certificate of Reliable Commercial Enterprise of Moscow. INTRON PLUS was filed into private Register of Moscow Commercial Enterprises, financial and economic status of which evidence their reliability for business partnership in Moscow, Russian Federation and abroad.
The company NDT Ademinsa is appointed as the dealer of INTRON PLUS in Ecuador & Colombia. Please contact NDT Ademinsa.