History & Milestones

  1. 1988

    Vasily Sukhorukov, professor of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI), forms a cooperative for the production and distribution of equipment for non-destructive testing, which became the first Soviet private company in the field of NDT and technical diagnostics. The cooperative was initially part of a state-cooperative alliance ANT on the premises of MPEI.

    The cooperative releases its first product, the INTROMET ITM-10, to measure copper thickness in through holes of printed circuit boards.

  2. 1989

    The cooperative achieves its first export sales: first set of eddy current probes for copper thickness measurement in PCB TH delivered to Fischer GMBH, West Germany.

    The cooperative production area is equipped with 11 working places.

  3. 1990

    Private enterprise INTRO-MKS, affiliated to JV MKS+, is founded as a successor to the cooperative.

    INTRO-MKS released a new improved INTROMET ITM-11.

  4. 1991

    The new INTROMET ITM-12 microprocessor thickness gauge is developed and released.

    Works commences in designing the wire rope flaw detector meant for underground mining industry in Russia.

  5. 1992

    INTRO-MKS is transformed into private company INTRON PLUS LLP committed to NDT business.

    The first Russian magnetic wire rope flaw detector INTROS is developed. After successful testing, it is delivered to the Norilsk mining combine.

  6. 1993

    INTRON PLUS and Transonic Systems Inc. (USA) form a joint venture (80% shares belong to Transonic Systems), part of Measurement Innovation Corporation. This collaboration will last during next 10 years.

  7. 1994

    INTRON PLUS specialists undergo extensive internship at Transonic Systems Inc. according to the SABIT program, organized by the US Department of Commerce.

    A new generation INTROMET ITM-MP is made available. It is exported abroad via an exclusive agent, Veeco Inc./UPA Technology Dep (USA) as the Caviderm-5000.

    Wire rope flaw detector INTROS is upgraded and new model MDK-11 is released.

  8. 1995

    An upgraded INTROMET ITM-MP.51 becomes available. Over the following five years several hundred units will be sold internationally branded as the Caviderm-5100 via Veeco Inc./UPA Technology Dept (USA).

    INTRON PLUS starts offering training to MDK-11 customers and users.

  9. 1996

    Wire rope flaw detector INTROS is upgraded to the new model MDK-21. This model will become a basis for a whole family of INTROS flaw detectors for inspection of ropes of any design or size.

  10. 1997

    INTRON PLUS President, professor Vasily Sukhorukov, is awarded the Russian State Prize for science and technology for his part in creating non-destructive testing equipment and methods.

  11. 1998

    The first wire rope flaw detector INTROS has been sold to DMT, Germany.

    INTRON PLUS commences training of foreign customers operating INTROS.

    To meet up with the rising foreign demand, INTRON PLUS begins to form an international dealership network.

  12. 1999

    INTRON PLUS is appointed by ElektroPhysik (Germany) to market and sale thickness gauges, produced by ElektroPhysik, in Russia.

    INTRON PLUS joins the OIPEEC and for the first time participates in a wire rope conference that is held in Krakow, Poland.

  13. 2000

    INTRON PLUS participates in drafting the Guidelines for magnetic inspection of steel wire ropes in Russia. The Guidelines are approved and enacted by the Federal mining and industrial supervision of Russia (Gosgortekhnadzor).

    Gosgortekhnadzor approves INTRON PLUS’ training syllabus for wire rope nondestruction testing by means of INTROS.

    INTRON PLUS makes its debut at the International Nondestructive Testing Arena by participating in the 15th World Conference that was held in Rome, in October 2000.

  14. 2001

    EMC laboratory in Germany (accredited by DAR) tests and certifies INTROS wire rope tester for electromagnetic compatibility.

    INTROS flaw detector is certified for use in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Lithuania.

    INTROS flaw detector is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of shipping.

  15. 2002

    Transneft commissions INTRON PLUS to develop a magnetic pipeline inspection gauge (PIG) for main oil pipelines.

    INTRON PLUS participates in the 8th European Conference on Non Destructive testing in Barcelona, Spain.

  16. 2003

    INTRON PLUS buys back 80% shares of its joint venture with Transonic, thus becoming a fully Russian company.

    INTRON PLUS receives order from DMT to develop the biggest MRT machine so far. The resulting INTROS 100-150 inspects wire ropes (cable stays) with diameters from 100 to 150 mm.

    INTRON PLUS develops the INTROS MONOBLOCK, unifying the magnetic head and the data logger in a single unit. The portable and compact MB 8-24 is designed for testing wire ropes 8 to 24 mm in diameter.

  17. 2004

    INTRON PLUS releases the INTROCON for inspection of steel cords in conveyor belts. It will be successfully exported to Chile, Brazil, Estonia, Kazakhstan, India and China.

    INTRON PLUS participates in the 16th World Conference on Nondestructive Testing in Montreal, Canada.

  18. 2005

    The Magnetic Pipeline Inspection Guage (PIG) is successfully tested and shipped to Transneft.

    The NDT laboratory is founded within INTRON PLUS and validated for non-destructive testing of steel wire ropes, conveyor belts and other potentially hazardous objects.

  19. 2006

    INTRON PLUS is certified  in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 for development and manufacturing of NDT instruments along with service of inspecting and diagnostics of industrial objects using NDT.

    INTRON PLUS and Konecranes of Finland sign a cooperation agreement in developing a new flaw detector branded for Konecranes.

    INTRON PLUS attends the 9th European Conference on Non Destructive testing in Berlin, Germany.

  20. 2007

    The MH 24-64M3 INTROS is developed. Based on the popular MH 24-64 model, the M3 features increased sensitivity to local flaws.

    The Rope Strength software and methodology is develop to assess residual strength of the wire rope based on MRT inspection results.

    The wire rope flaw detector, specially branded for Konecranes as RopeQ is shipped to the customer. It becomes available to other customers as the 6-24F.

  21. 2008

    INTRON PLUS moves from MPEI to a new premises.

    The INTROS MH 60-85 and MH 80-120 are developed for inspecting wire ropes from 60 mm to 120 mm in diameter.

    INTRON PLUS participates in drafting the guidelines for nondestructive inspections of steel cord conveyor belts used in hazardous production facilities.

    The Rope Strength software is upgraded to assess residual stress of steel cord conveyor belts following inspection data obtained by INTROCON.

    INTRON PLUS attends the 17th World Conference on Nondestructive Testing in Shanghai, China.

  22. 2009

    INTRON PLUS and Sofles have founded a joint venture INTRON BRASIL to focus in marketing NDT equipment and services in Brazil and other countries in Latin America.  

    INTRON PLUS becomes a corporate member of ASNT.

    Transneft releases the guidelines for inspection of coatings, metal integrity, welds and other constructions in above ground storage tanks, drafted by INTRON PLUS.

    Nondestructive inspection of stay cables of the bridge over Ob river in Surgut, Russia is carried by NDT laboratory of INTRON PLUS.

    INTRON PLUS successfully passes the compliance audit with ISO 9001:2008.

  23. 2010

    NDT laboratory completed nondestructive inspection of cables at Yongjong Grand suspension bridge in Seoul, South Korea.

    INTRON PLUS attempts nondestructive inspection of ropes used at Weatherford’s drilling rig in Russia.

    INTRON PLUS attended the 10th European conference and exhibition on nondestructive testing in Moscow and carried first valuable technical seminar for INTRON’s foreign agents.

  24. 2011

    INTRON PLUS joins the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).

    Nondestructive inspection of Okyabrsky bridge stay cables across the Sheksna river in Cherepovets, Russia. For this job, a special Magnetic Head had to be tailor made to fit the complicated cable structure.


    Nondestructive inspection of the Fakel bridge stay cables across the Saytanka river in Salekhard, Russia. For this job, technicians operated MH 80-120.

    The INTROCOR M-150 tank floor scanner is developed and approved by the Russia National register of metrological systems. First units delivered to the customers.

  25. 2012

    Development work commences on the drilling line automated flaw detector INTROS-AUTO. INTROS-AUTO can be used for wire rope monitoring purposes at ropeways, cranes, other applications to inform when the rope approaches critical condition.

    Nondestructive examination of the Bolshoy Obukhovsky stay cable bridge across the Neva river in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The job was carried with newly developed equipment for inspection of cables with parallel strands up to 300 mm in diameter.

    INTRON PLUS participates in the 18th World Conference on Nondestructive Testing in Durban, RSA.

  26. 2013

    INTRON PLUS celebrates its 25th anniversary.

    First time in Russia INTRON PLUS has carried nondestructive inspection of antenna-mast guy ropes.

    Demonstration of MFL equipment for inspection of pre-stressed girders at Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) test field in Mclean, Virginia. FHWA considers demonstration on both real girders and mock-up with artificial defects as challenging.

  27. 2014

    A subsidiary company INTRON VTD is set-up for the purpose of pipeline inspection.

    Inspection of smokeless acid gas and standard flare stack guy ropes in the United Arab Emirates.

    Installation of a simultaneous four hoisting rope monitoring system in the Heroiv Kosmosa mine, Pavlohrad, Ukraine.

    Participation in the 11th European conference on nondestructive testing in Prague, Czech Republic.

  28. 2015

    The INTROCOR M-150 tank floor scanner is delivered to customers in China, Thailand and Brazil.

    Stay cables on the Bolshoy Obukhovsky and Belyaevsky bridges respectively across the Neva and Bolshaya Okhta rivers in Saint Petersburg, Russia have been inspected.

    Magnetic inspection of crane ropes on an offshore platform in the Sea of Okhotsk.

  29. 2016

    INTRON PLUS is recognized as one of Russia’s leading exporters and is awarded the annual Golden Certificate of the IMPORT EXPORT AWARD.

    Production commences on the new generation Basic Unit and the MH 6-26 magnetic head for wire rope from 6 to 26 mm in diameter.

    Magnetic nondestructive inspection on standing rigging steel cables of the Khersones sailing vessel was done. This was the first such inspection in history.

    INTRON PLUS develops the INTROS MH 100-175 the biggest magnetic head in the world so far for wire ropes up to 175 mm in diameter and delivers the first unit to the company Saipem.            

    INTRON PLUS quality assurance undergoes the annual supervisory audit in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

    INTRON PLUS participates in the 19th World Conference on Nondestructive Testing in Munich, Germany.

  30. 2017

    INTRON PLUS and Luoyang Becot Scientific Development Co. of China sign an exclusive agent agreement for representing INTRON PLUS interests in the whole country, including Hong Kong and Macao.

    INTRON PLUS and Tensology of UK sign a strategic cooperation agreement focusing on marketing equipment for MRT and its after sales service, as well as wire rope inspections.

  31. 2018

    INTRON PLUS has successfully passed re-certification of the management system according to requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

    INTRON PLUS has appointed Arora Technologies (P) Limited as a new agent in India. Arora Technologies has exclusive right to market and sale rope tester INTROS and automated instrument INTROS-AUTO, as well as tank floor scanner INTROCOR, in India.

    INTRON PLUS has successfully installed and commissioned the INTROS-AUTO wire rope monitoring system on the drill line of JSC "NSH Asia drilling" rig on the Ety-Purovskoye field in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district North-western Siberia.

  32. 2019

    Rope tester INTROS has successfully passed tests at accredited laboratory LA.T.I.F. and has been certified in accordance with EN 12927-8 "Safety requirements for cableway installations designed to carry persons - Ropes - Part 8: Magnetic rope testing (MRT)".

    118 cables with parallel strands installed at a cabled-stayed Russky bridge have been non-destructively inspected by INTRON PLUS by means of in-house equipment INTROS-E.

  33. 2020

    INTRON PLUS acquired distributors in the UAE – company Acumen Safety and the USA – company Veritas Crane.

    The first set for wire rope testing has been delivered to Saudi Aramco. The set included not only MRT instrument INTROS, but also self-propelled device to move the instrument along the rope.

    Automated wire rope magnetic instrument INTROS-AUTO for the first time has been delivered for monitoring of hoisting ropes in mine.

  34. 2021

    INTRON PLUS strengthen business in the Middle East: the company Petromaster is acquired as distributor in Saudi Arabia.

    The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry have recognized INTRON PLUS as the best enterprise involved in exporting industrial products.

  35. 2022

    INTRON PLUS is recognised my Moscow chamber of commerece as the best exporter of industrial products.

    The set of the magnetic instrument INTROS-AUTO for monitoring of mining cables has been delivered to the Kazkhrom, Kazakhstan.

  36. 2023

    INTRON PLUS was awarded the title of Responsible Exporter.

    INTRON celebrated 35 years anniversary.