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WINTROS® Software Package for rope tester INTROS

During inspection of the rope basic unit INTROS stores data for further downloading, analysis, and printing inspection report. This function is possible using the software WINTROS®. Besides, it is possible to show test data in form of LMA and LF traces on-line on the computer screen. For this purpose software WINTROS-RTV is used.

WINTROS® allows

• Downloading data from basic unit;

• View the rope inspection traces;

• Detailed analysis of the rope traces;

• Zoom-in/Zoom-out

• Compare traces from different data files;

• Process traces: filtering, cutting-off, etc;

• Changing calibration and distance of the traces;

• Merging different traces into one;

• Set up and view the rejections threshold;

• Print the traces;

• Add comments to the traces;

• Create test results report;

• Modify the instruments setting. 

• Export data to Word or Excel format

System requirements for installation

WINTROS is realized as a 32-bit program and works under MS Windows XP/Vista/7 environment.
It is required Intel Pentium-4 or more modern processor with minimum 256Mb of
RAM and 30Mb of free hard disk space for normal operation.

WINTROS® Software Package includes:

• Software WINTROS®

• Operating Manual in English


• Monitoring of measured by INTROS device values synchronous to data acquisition;

• Adjusting distance and magnitude scale according to the inspection specifics;

• Choice of displayed channels during data acquisition and modification of its settings;

• Freezing the diagram at the arbitrary time without interrupting data acquisition process;

• Adjusting connections parameters for data exchange with the INTROS device;

• Storing acquired data in a standard WINTROS® file for further detailed inspection with WINTROS® program;

• Storing and usage of your favorite settings for the program itself.

This software is used with all sizes of the INTROS excluding MB 8-24.

System requirements

Program works under Microsoft Windows NT (sp6, IE 5.0)/ Windows 2000/XP/7.

The program is not compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME.

PC with Intel Pentium III processor 500 MHz,

128 Mb and 1.2 Mb free disk space. Intel Pentium IV 1400 MHz, 256 Mb recommended.

Video resolution: at least 640x480 with 16-bit colors.

Recommended video resolution: 1280x1024 with 32-bit colors.

Horizontal resolution should not exceed 2048 pixels.

Intros Basic Unit should be equipped with embedded software Version 4.40

and higher, recommended 4.50.

WINTROS-RTV® Software Package includes:

• Software WINTROS-RTV®

• Operating Manual in English

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